Building Out National Distribution for Hemp-Infused Beverages

national distribution hemp derived beverages

As the hemp-infused beverage market hits its stride, it’s time for brands to scale on a truly national level. Drawing inspiration from the beer industry could be the key to navigating distribution networks in this emerging landscape.

Here, we will explore how to adapt the tried-and-true strategies of the beer sector to build a robust national distribution network for hemp-infused beverages. 

From securing regulatory approvals to partnering with experienced distributors, we outline a roadmap to place your products alongside alcoholic beverages on store shelves.

Setting Up a National Supply Chain: A Page from the Beer Industry

In the beer industry, the supply chain is a well-oiled machine. Its production, distribution, and retailing are often facilitated through partnerships with established distributors who deeply understand each market’s dynamics. 

When it comes to hemp-infused beverages, the blueprint remains largely the same, albeit with a few critical additions. The most significant change is the need to secure regulatory rules in writing at the state level, a step not required in the beer industry. 

This ensures compliance with the varied regulatory landscapes across different states, paving the way for a smoother national rollout. The goal is to build a supply chain that mirrors the efficiency of the beer industry while adapting to the unique requirements of the hemp sector.

A solid distribution strategy revolves around working closely with your distributors, who understand the nuances of the market. They can provide valuable insights and help correctly position the product in each state.

Regulatory Approvals: The Differentiating Factor

For hemp-derived beverage makers, regulatory approvals stand as a crucial differentiating factor. It is not just about meeting the standard requirements. It’s about going the extra mile to secure regulatory rules in writing. You have to showcase your brand’s commitment to adherence to legal frameworks and quality assurance.

This process necessitates a detailed state-by-state approach, where each state’s specific regulatory landscape is navigated carefully to obtain the necessary approvals. 

It is a labor-intensive process involving a deep understanding of different states’ legal stipulations. However, this diligence in ensuring compliance not only fosters trust but also builds a reliable and respected brand image among consumers.

Moreover, approvals can save the business from future regulatory hassles, safeguarding against sudden regulatory changes that might occur in different states. It creates a solid foundation, promising a smoother national rollout devoid of legal hiccups.

By taking this route, a hemp-infused beverage business ensures its standing on the right side of the law. Approvals, in writing, showcases your commitment to quality and legality, setting you apart in a fiercely competitive market. It is a strategic move that positions the business as a reliable, trustworthy player in the market. All of which paves the way for a successful national presence.

Locking in Distribution Deals with Tenured Craft Beer Distributors

national distribution for hemp infused beverages
Lock in distribution deals that mirror those of the craft beer industry.

As hemp-infused beverage brands look to expand nationally, forging partnerships with tenured craft beer distributors is the best bet.

Partnering with seasoned distributors in the beer industry can facilitate the placement of hemp-infused beverages right next to alcoholic drinks on store shelves. This placement promises higher visibility and potentially greater sales. Most importantly, placed beside booze rather than convenience store energy drinks, will avoid future crackdowns on having these drinks available to minors.

Brands need to understand what distributors are seeking and align their offerings accordingly. This often revolves around product uniqueness, market potential, and profitability.

By offering products that resonate with the existing customer base of these distributors while meeting regulatory standards, brands can carve out a successful pathway in the national market. This collaborative approach promises growth and fosters a relationship grounded in mutual benefit and trust.

It’s Time to Take Hemp-Infused Beverages National

Navigating the path to a national distribution network for hemp-infused beverages is no small feat. It demands a strategic approach. It has to mirror the beer industry’s successful distribution blueprint while adapting to the unique regulatory landscape of the hemp sector.

As you gear up to take your brand national, Rexis is here to help you make it happen. Partner with us to turn your aspirations into a reality. We make sure your products not only reach but succeed on a national level. 

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