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introducing rexis biotech

Increased Bio-Availability, Absorption, Efficacy
and Stability

The Rexis Biotech & Pharmaceutical success begins with its proprietarydrug delivery platform, Fused Polymorph Nano Fiber Technology™.

We are helping our partners around the globe develop the next
generation of hydrophobic drug delivery system designed to meaning
fully improve existing delivery paradigms while creating novel systems
for biological targets linked to both therapeutic and recreational

Our groundbreaking, proprietary nanotechnology empowers brands to turn the rapidly growing industry of natural, plant-based consumables into foods & beverages you’ll actually want to taste and drink.

From cutting-edge technology to top-notch scientific expertise, we strive to create products that aren’t just better than the rest, but that we believe can change the world. Every hydrophobic molecule we work with is strategically selected and must have an underlying list of potential health benefits that support a range of issues from every-day ailments to diagnosed health deficiencies, and yes, even addiction.

Our mission

It is our mission to help people live healthier, more fulfilled lives through the production and distribution of effective, and great tasting consumables.

We hold ourselves accountable by creating only the highest-quality, functional products that have the power to change people’s lives for the better. We believe that these products should be widely available, safe to consume, and more importantly, affordable for all.

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Our Core Values


It is foundational to our business that we produce, distribute and sell only the highest quality plant-based medicines and products at affordable prices.


We help people achieve their nutritional goals with precise and effective recreational alternatives that are not only safe, but that are predictable and reliable.


It is absolutely mission-critical to the success of our business that we stay ahead of the curve and set the pace for the industry through investments in Research & Design.


It is not enough for us to just make good products. At Rexis, it is ingrained in our DNA to continually strive to create products that are good for you, and the world as a whole.


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Poised to be the Nvidia of the greater CPG industry, our versatile technology will eventually power branded products across multiple multi-billion-dollar industries, with the potential to be the next category leader in each.


Current partners


While pharmaceutical-grade therapeutics can often take years to develop, we are optimistic about the approval and timely launch of several breakthrough, therapies that are already in our pipeline and currently going through trials. 

Therapeutic Targets​


Thanks to the hard work of our R&D specialists, Rexis is expanding our business by launching multiple new private-label brands with first-to-market products. These are products that will be sold in stores, as well as online, direct to consumers all over the world.


Private Label Brands

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