Pioneering the delivery of hydrophobic molecules


Increased Bioavailability, Efficacy & Stability

Our success begins with our proprietary Hydro-Fibers™, a revolutionary new drug delivery platform.

We’ve spent over a decade in R&D, and collaborating with partners around the globe, to develop the next generation of hydrophobic drug delivery systems. Our Hydro-Fibers evolve and improve on existing delivery archetypes, while creating novel systems for biological targets linked to both therapeutic and recreational applications.

In other words, we make your consumables taste better, your medicine work better and your drugs more fun.

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What are hydro-fibers?

Precise Particle Size

We are capable of producing nanoparticles ranging from 35-50 nm. Particle size has a direct correlation to increased bioavailability, absorption rates, and intensity of effects.

Controlled Particle Shape

Our proprietary technology can control the shape of particles, producing a wide array of variables. Definable reactions such as onset and offload times, taste, efficacy, stability, and uniformity are all controllable.

Structured Crystal Interactions

Utilizing co-crystallization techniques have proven to create highly stable molecules; enabling our process to define parameters for polymorphic control over onset and efficacy.

Scientist looking through a microscope at Fused Polymorph Nano Fibers

The Rexis Difference

A demonstration on how our Hydro-Fiber Technology compares to other top water soluble products.

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